Kitchen Lab Tarvo: Spring 2024 season begins..

Kitchen Lab Tarvo again hosts {openradio} events in Spring 2024, after their pilot programme event streaming last year on the West-Helsinki/East-Espoo borderland island of Tarvo. Upcoming in April are 2 radio events of 1hr each, related to the warming of the kitchen studio.. Taidekoulu Maa students visit the Kitchen Lab to see example of hybrid arts in a home setting, and we read aloud together statements of support for their current 'Save Taidekoulu Maa' campaign, as well as extracts of books about informal arts education. Also Spork Sound-Kitchen duo Vytautas Bikauskas and Bailey Polkinghorne will make an acoustic culinary extravaganza of Sorrel Soup: "They explore relationships between food and sound in communal cooking, serving, and eating. The kitchen soundscape is amplified, extended and translated with sensors, surface microphones, and motorised utensils."