Kitchen Lab Tarvo: Spring 2024 season begins..

Kitchen Lab Tarvo again hosts {openradio} events in Spring 2024, after their pilot programme event streaming last year on the West-Helsinki/East-Espoo borderland island of Tarvo. Upcoming in April are 2 radio events of 1hr each, related to the warming of the kitchen studio.. Taidekoulu Maa students visit the Kitchen Lab to see example of hybrid arts in a home setting, and we read aloud together statements of support for their current 'Save Taidekoulu Maa' campaign, as well as extracts of books about informal arts education. Also Spork Sound-Kitchen duo Vytautas Bikauskas and Bailey Polkinghorne will make an acoustic culinary extravaganza of Sorrel Soup: "They explore relationships between food and sound in communal cooking, serving, and eating. The kitchen soundscape is amplified, extended and translated with sensors, surface microphones, and motorised utensils."

Home Libraries are the New Black 11.2.-10.3.

What happens when you make public your private library collection, sharing a lifetime of personal book collection in a public space? How can people develop their own collective book library resource, complementing & contrasting, respecting differences as a whole? How to nurture and expand a socialised library? How can home libraries complement municipal libraries and support cultural events? In this case, Andrew Gryf Paterson’s example will be a way to reach out to the local community: Seeking common interests, common (or same) books in Swedish or Finnish that exist, reading aloud sessions, online radio broadcasts, and open bibliographic work. There will also be ongoing vermicomposting with donated old books.

This 7x event series on {openradio} augments the on-site activities in the Salon at Kulturhus Bj√∂rkboda, Kimito√∂n/Kemi√∂nsaari, SW Finland, between 9.2.‚Äď10.3.2024. There are sessions each Sunday (11.2., 18.2., 25.2., 3.3., 10.3.) from 14-16 EET/Helsinki time, as well as two extra sessions on Thursday 22.2. and Friday 23.2. also 14-16 EET/Helsinki time during their 'Vinter V√•ffel' week.

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