These are some of the makers & projects that we currently host on {openradio}.

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Irina Mutt

Irina Mutt is an interdependent writer and curator from Barcelona currently based in Helsinki. Writing and curating from short distances and mixing politics with pleasure.
Her research goes from video games to post-porn, experimental publishing or temporalities outside the hegemonic sense of productivity. Lately she has been involved in open and collaborative radio broadcasts in Helsinki.
She stills quotes Annie Sprinkle to talk about art.

Fugitive Radio

fugitive radio is an artistic-research project initiated by Sumugan Sivanesan experimenting with radio as method. Beginning in mid 2020, the project is developing over a series of workshops and events in Helsinki and online supported by {openradio}. These pursue live and hybrid radio forms and hold space for marginalised voices, anticolonial and intersectional politics and music.


NTIZEZA is a platform for the support, education and celebration of femininities and feminist artists based in central Athens, Greece.


dprk is the kosmiche project of Richard Fielding (The Loop Orchestra, Severed Heads) and Nick Dan (xNoBBQx). They are joined live by Juke Wyat and Christian Durham.

Pixelache Festival 2021

Pixelache Helsinki Festival is currently one of the longest running cultural festivals in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region, that continues to promote emergent inter- and trans-disciplinary practices and thinking between art, design, technology, research and activism.

Radio Multe

Radio Multe 93.8fm is a community + experimental radio station broadcasting from a storefront at Nygårdsgaten 52 in Bergen, Norway and initiated by radio artist Karen Werner. Our programs, created by residents of Bergen, enact, contract and expand forms of communication and community. We are supported by Bergen Kommune and launched into the air in November 2021.

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