What is this?

{openradio} is a platform to support independently produced open-content audio streams and provide listeners with a way to find this content.

Our experience shows that streaming radio is not difficult for makers to do but that access to server infrastructure and reaching listeners are two areas that present a challenge. By providing not-for-profit infrastructure, and a place where listeners can browse for live material, we are building an open and scalable alternative to proprietary live platforms.

Our listener-centred approach means we always want to put free content and a free listening experience first. {openradio} does not log listener data, we will not nudge or manipulate your behaviour or try to monetise you. We are supported through donations and occasionally projects that are funded pay us for our time, to provide specialised workshops etc., but the content we create will always be free.

Who are we?

Kaustubh Srikanth created India’s first independent online radio station, Infinity Radio, dedicated to discovering and sharing fresh music and promoting open content. Kaustubh is a broadcaster and open-source technologist specialising in digital security for human rights defenders.

Sophea Lerner directed Finland's first open-content FM & online station and has championed open-content awareness in the public broadcast sector in Australia. Sophea is a creative producer, researcher and audio technologist who loves open-content, DIY broadcast operations and community tech.

They have logged more than 15 years in experimental open content broadcasting and participatory radio, and collaborated on many broadcast adventures since meeting in Delhi in 2006.