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In Between the Worlds – selected audio works

28 August 2021 @ 11:00 - 12:00 EEST

In Between the Worlds is a collection of selected audio works for Pixelache Festival 2021, curated by festival co-director Laura Gustafsson:

As a more content orientated person it is difficult for me to say whether any kind of harmony can be found in this combination. From Ileana Ghergina’s enchanting reading, which makes me feel like I’m sailing in Ancient Aegean sea, to Jairo Acosta Lara’s piece that takes me back to my childhood but with a foreign accent, and then to Orkida Braculla’s more melancholic sound work where she wanders between her motherland Albania and Poland, her new home. Braculla contextualizes her work by reminding that nostalgia used to be considered a medical condition —  one of its symptoms being the ability to “hear voices” from the past.

Autoturk’s Versatile Substance takes on the theme of lost places and memories by using in its dialogues languages from the members’ former or current home countries (China, Brazil and Russia). According to Autoturk they aim at making “militant drama for the ears” which is in some way also the case with Yuri Bruscky’s “granulogram”, Juntando os Cacos. Name, Picking up the pieces, refers to reorganizing one’s life and moving forward, but it is, I believe, also the method of how the work has been made (in my ear the noise sounds a bit like the main character in Alien movies).

-- Laura Gustafsson, Pixelache co-director

List of works:
Ileana Ghergina: Magdalena (Burnt away)     1:03
Jairo Acosta Lara: Mi mundo suena ... / My world sounds like…   10:12
Orkida Braculla: Nostalg[j]ia     4:50
Autoturk (Lena Kilina, Adam Sinykin, Sofya Chibisguleva): Versatile Substance   15:00
Yuri Bruscky: Juntando os Cacos (Picking Up The Pieces)     5:00
Ileana Ghergina: Burnt/Half-burning the poem out of me (Shakespeare sonnet 116) 1:23

Pixelache Festival Radio is broadcast on {openradio} June 6-13 in partnership with Pixelache, Korppiradio, Oodi library, M-Cult. http://burn.pixelache.ac


28 August 2021
11:00 - 12:00 EEST
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