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Burn_Slow: Nordic-Baltic Sound and Radio Art for Mental Well-being

25 September 2021 @ 11:00 - 13:00 EEST

“Burn_Slow: Nordic-Baltic Sound and Radio Art for Mental Well-being” is an international audio art project which unites sound artists and art students from Nordic-Baltic region exploring mental ecology in times of crisis and social seclusion, via online lectures, skill-sharing, discussion and innovative networked audio performances. Invited artists during the course of 2 days will share their artistic practice, methodologies, skills in the context of challenges of today: Krista Dintere (LV) – on time and listening methods in sound art for slowing down; Maija Demitere (LV) – on Slow media art and issues of sustainability; Ieva Vīksne (LV) – of dealing with depression by realtime mental activity driven audio meditation; Jacob Remin (DK) – a sound meditation on loss of control and algorithmic agency; John Grzinich (EE) – on remoteness and telematic sharing possibilities to raise awareness of ecology; Mantautas Krukauskas (LT) – on innovations of spatialized sound; Derek Holzer (SE) – on speculative design of historically informed electronic instruments.
Playlist contains following works:

Burn _Slow - Intro
Jacob Remin - To soothe the body electric is a sound meditation on the loss of control and algorithmic agency. A remake of a poem by Walt Whitman.
John Grzinich - Tangible futures unheard01 is inspired by concepts of remoteness and telematic sharing possibilities that raise awareness of ecology.
Mantautas Krukauskas - LAMENT
Krista Dintere - Reflections focus on how listening to music and sounds in the environment changes our perception of time.
Ieva Viksne - MAD AMFH is a recording of performance on dealing with depression by realtime mental activity driven audio meditation.
Burn_Slow - Open Call intro
Evija Vebere - pirma pasaule The idea behind the piece ''Pirmā pasaule'' was to create an organic, evolving space of sound where the listener can tune in and become more present by focusing their attention on what's happening while simultaneously letting their imagination take over.
Sarah Elizabeth Johnston - ENCOUNTERS is her master's thesis sound piece
Andrejs Poikans – fTM At its core is a practice of revisiting recorded soundscapes and their corresponding imaginary geographies, which get more abstracted with the breakdown of memory in time, thus every reworking of them is an experience of confronting vividness and feebleness. This time it's a revisiting of a trip to Nida, Lithuania in September, 2019, where I collected field recordings and notes in the process of hiking across the Curonian Spit. It is an homage to Thomas Mann and his work "The Magic Mountain" who taught me how to think about extended periods of time. Mann's had a cottage on the Curonian Spit in the 1930's.
Ivo Taurins - DAB+ Since the 1990’s the FM analog broadcasting has dominated listener radio devices. The analog world is gradually beginning to be replaced by digital, providing unprecedented new opportunities. In this composition, the author shows this transformation from the analog world to the digital. The analog world remains vague and difficult to hear, but the new digital sound is crystal clear. As a matter of fact, the author leaves it to the listener to decide.
Spare Vitola - Vieglakam miegam_For better sleep A composition of violin, electronic instruments and nature sounds. The interaction of clear and high pitches and low, turbulent sound creates a piece that helps the listener to find grounding.
Milda Ziemane - faux BIM IN (m)E 2 is an imaginary sonic world of mysterious creatures created by means of voice recordings and postprocessing.
Elza Ziverte - Celojums uz OMmmmmm zemi is at a time when the virus is raging in the world and borders are closed, the author has apocalyptic feelings. The world seems so loud and there is a desire to escape, albeit for a short time, and return to a more orderly, peaceful environment. The work reflects moments of life that have not been completely clear in the mind and, turning to the depths of one's mind, the feelings lead to the author's sensory adventures. The journey is not always fun and enjoyable, it can be dark and frightening, but when the time comes, you have to face your fears and worries about the unknown. The sound composition is based on the Musique concrète. The author of the work made 50 different sound recordings.
Diana Lelis - META MODERN COUNshitNESS a hommage to the metamodern state of life.
Toms Krauklis - tepat in latvian it means "right here" it's a composition was born from a single riff. Looping feels ecological.
"tepat" is about being aware of both your surroundings and inner creativity. About the Anthropocene effect on the artist and vice versa.
Agita Reke - IN is on the different stages of understanding the ‘’inside’’. Thoughts running around, tickle and scare you. Thoughts that gnaw you and soothe you. In the end it is about trusting your instincts and your inner self. Finding your own inner animal. Being the self.
Inga Salurand - S6nad a sensory sound piece created with voice.
Ella-Mai Matsina - Rustle of the mind This piece marks the journey to finding freedom in the confines of the city, a place with little nature and wilderness. It also tells about being present, the importance of living in the moment. During the lockdown time flowed differently, days passed but it was all kind of foggy. Moments like the one depicted in this piece helped me stay in touch with the world. Listening to the little mysterious sounds of life, my mind was clear again.
Nejausi - Dialogi at MPLab LIVE recording of electronic set of LV experimental music duo Nejausi.
Glociks - ReIntermission takes its base from audio installation "Intermission" (exhibited in solo exhibiton "Reference Metadata" at RIXC gallery, Rīga, Latvia, 2019), which consisted of AI-generated 10 hour audio loop, trained upon a small database of audio taken from latvian tv advertisements. The composition of "Reintermission" bases on 8 notch filters, filtering random frequencies, slowly becoming less impactful, in the end revealing the full spectrum of frequencies. Both Intermission and Reintermission takes inspiration of current seemingly normalised oversaturation of advertisiments.
MakeMake - Dream Machine Our idea for the track Dream Machine originally came the day after a rather intense studio session. While we usually make tracks with beats but after the session and a walk in a forest the next day we could only produce something that is beatless. It somehow captured the feeling of burning out and letting go.
Waterflower - Mushroom-Generated Music Project 002 This audio-visual piece is actually inspired by an amalgamation of all the artist talks that took place during the opening Zoom meeting. There is a little bit of everything there - the impossible instrument, using generative-data to play sound, the mycelium as if a neural network, the the pink oyster mushrooms seen growing in the background during another presentation, and a more selective perception toward the sounds around. This fits hand-in hand with my interest in the audio characteristics of non-music objects.

Project Curators Anna Priedola and Krista Dintere
Partners ASTE. Art Science Technology Education, EKA Media Arts, LMTA Music Innovation center, Liepaja University Art Research Lab MpLab, Nordic Culture Point, PIXELACHE
Curated Artists Jacob Remin, John Grzinich, Mantautas Krukauskas, Ieva Viksne, Maija Demitere, Krista Dintere
Selected Young Sound Artists Evija Vebere, Sarah Elizabeth Johnston, Andrejs Poikans, Ivo Taurins, Spare Vitola, Milda Ziemane, Elza Ziverte, Diana Lelis, Toms Krauklis, Agita Reke, Inga Salurand, Ella-Mai Matsina, Nejausi, Glociks, MakeMake, Waterflower.

More info on: https://burn.aste.gallery/listen-explore/

Pixelache Festival, ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education, MPLab.


25 September 2021
11:00 - 13:00 EEST
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