Fugitive Radio : Radiowalk Helsinki

Listen here 2pm Berlin / 3pm Helsinki / 10am São Paulo
The stream will commence approximately 2-2.15pm Helsinki time, and last approximately 45mins

Radiowalk Helsinki is a live radio-fanzine thematising ‘departure’ produced by Fugitive Radio: Sumugan Sivanesan and Irina Mutt.

NTIZEZA Waves: Poetic Lucky Pie cutting ritual

Listen here January 5th 2021, 17:00 Berlin / 18:00 Athens / 21:00 Lima The stream will commence approximately 18:00-18.10 Athens time, and last approximately 50mins The lucky pie with a hidden coin, ‘vasilopita’ , is cut traditionally between friends and family every new year’s day in Greece. NTIZEZA will cut hers on the January 5,

NTIZEZA Waves: Talking Zines with Andromache Kokkinou

An evening of reading and talking about zines and zine culture from Athens and beyond with writer, editor and zinester Andromache Kokkinou and Natasa Diavasti, NTIZEZA’s hostess. The discussion will be mainly in Greek, with some English parts.

Kaamos Radio

Streaming from Middle Finland: Kaamos Radio will broadcast 14 hours through the night. By Gabi Schaffner and Marold Langer-Philippsen