16:00 - 17:30: The Commons; a sustainable model for community radios?
Reset! Workshop: Roundtable discussion

We are looking forward to this conversation, which you can hear on lumbung radio, or relayed at openradio.in/live


More s-l-o-w #Burn repeats

We are back with another week of selected delights from Pixelache radio. You will still find each selection played for every time zone but on different days, so whether you listen to many programmes on a few days or every day at a particular time-zone, eventually everything we have selected for this week will pass before your ears. Listen at your leisure to this slowly revolving selection.

We’ll be back soon!

{openradio} is temporarily offline for maintenance. Our gardening team are dealing with some bugs that have been eating our radio lettuces! We will be back soon. You are welcome join our occasional newsletter, or follow us on twitter, for updates about new programming and upcoming workshops and calls.

s-l-o-w #Burn repeat

We are back from a break over the summer and are starting slowly with a s-l-o-w motion repeat of the Pixelache Festival Radio, #Burn 2021 programme through August/September.

If you did not catch the packed festival schedue in June this exploded slow motion version is for you. We will be repeating a couple of hours of programming every day at four different times.

We'll update the website and the calendar, usually weekly, usually on a Thursday or Friday for the following week. The first repeat broadcasts will start airing on Saturday, 28th August.

As always new live programming will be foregrounded, but from now we are introducing selected repeats and featuring other open content projects for you to listen to in the background.